Event Facts and Trivia

Block Party for Peace Facts:

·         The Block Party for Peace was created by Antonio ‘2 Shay’ Parkinson. 

·         The Block Party for Peace was created to give the citizens of the Raleigh and Frayser community an annual event that would re-instill pride while delivering needed social items that would improve quality of life. 

·         The event’s original name was The Raleigh-Frayser Block Party for Peace. 

·         In 2006, the event was organized once in May and again in July. 

·         The July 2006 event was held in the community of Northaven which boasts the same zip code as the Frayser community but actually lies a few miles West of Frayser. 

·         There was no event held in 2007 due to the founder running for a City Council seat. 

·         The founder is currently a sitting State Legislature in the State of Tennessee.

·         The 2008 Block Party for Peace was the first of the three day events and was held at the Frayser Super Mall at Overton Crossing and Frayser Blvd. 

·         In 2009 the event was moved to Raleigh and was held in the parking lot of Kmart on Austin Peay Hwy.

·         In 2009, then 5 year old child rapper P-Nut Benjamin placed 2nd in the Rock the Stage Talent competition at the Block Party for Peace but later went on to become one of the hottest talents in Memphis; even performing on the nationally televised Ellen Show.

·         The 2010 event was held in the parking lot of the Raleigh Springs Mall. 

·         The 2010 Block Party for Peace held its first Church service.

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