Domino Championship

Tennessee State Domino Championship Registration

Tournament Rules:

RESPECT IS KEY!!! HONESTY is a MUST! The rules are set in place to insure that at the conclusion of the event, there is ONE TRUE CHAMPION.  We strive to promote a fair, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere for our participants.

  • Must be at least 21 years of age to participate
  • Must register no later than 11 am the day of the tournament start date.
  • Orientation is noon the day tournament play begins.
  • No cellphones, cameras, computers devices of any kind, dark lens glasses, or headsets allowed by participants on tournament floor.
  • Only participants are allowed in the Playing Area, at the designated time of his/her match.
  • Once your match is completed you are required to exit Playing Area.
  • Please no disturbing other participants as you exit Playing Area.
  • No spectators in Playing Area at any time!!!
  • Matches are 1-on-1, head-to-head, mono y mono
  • Single match is best 1 out of 1 game

Game Rules

  1. Games are played to 150 points
  2. Points are calculated in multiples of 5 (i.e. 5, 10, 15, etc....)
  3. COUNTS must be orally called before the next person plays, pulls or passes.
  4. There is no “mugging”.
  5. Domino Count - adding the number of dots left unplayed in the opponent's hand (rounded to the nearest five) that is added to the player's score once the player "dominoes" (plays the last domino in his/her hand).
  6. Players are to start each hand with 7 dominoes
  7. Both players are responsible for checking to make sure that their opponents have the correct amount of dominoes before play begins.
  8. Dominoes must stay on top of the table at all times.
  9. Hands stay below the table until it is your turn to play.
  10. Big 6 start the game. If neither player has Big 6, go to the next double, which is Big 5, etc… If neither has a double, then reshuffle.  If neither player has a double then go to 6/5, 6/4, 6/3, etc…
  11. The first double played, by either player is the spinner.
  12. Spinner must be covered on both sides perpendicularly before parallel.
  13. Once a domino is placed on the table face up, it must be played, if it will play.  When a domino is connected it is a played domino.
  14. If a player does not have a domino that plays, player must pull from excess domino pool, one at a time, until player finds a playable domino. If there is no playable domino then that player passes.
  15. When pulling from excess domino pool, player must play first playable domino pulled.
  16. A player that holds playable dominoes in his/her hand, after pulling from excess pool, will receive a 50 point penalty.
  17. NO REDRAW OR RESHUFFLE is permitted due to voids in suits or too many doubles.
  18. ALL DOMINOES NOT IN THE SHUFFLE are the responsibilities of all players. If some are accidentally left out, they will be returned to the deck and reshuffled. If they are intentionally left out, refer to a judge for a ruling.
  19. DOMINOES EXPOSED during the shuffle will be reshuffled.
  20. Dominoes exposed while drawing a hand will be accepted by the person exposing it.
  21. MISPLAYED DOMINO, if caught before the next person plays or passes, will be played elsewhere on the table, if it will play. If it will not play, it will result in a 50 point penalty.  If a misplayed domino is not caught before the next person passes or plays, it will stand as a played domino.
  22. A LOCKED GAME results only after all the dominoes have been drawn and neither player can play.  The lowest number of points get the points in the opponent's hand(s). (In the case of a tie, no one gets the points.).  Rule #10 applies.
  23. No Slamming dominoes on the tables
  24. No Smoking
  25. No Profanity
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