Work ~n~ Progress Mission

Our Mission - The Mission of Work ~n~ Progress Career Fair is to motivate participants to learn and strive for career and educational path choices that will help them live more successful, productive and satisfying lives.

Work ~n~ Progress Career Fair is arguably Memphis’ fastest growing and largest workforce development, job and education fair. In its eighth year this event is poised to serve attendees of the Block Party for Peace with multiple career and education related offerings from primary, college enrollment and workforce development to employers accepting applications on site. We ask that you partner with us by providing sponsorship for this year’s event. Last year’s career fair vendors and sponsors had access to thousands of event attendees. The expected attendance at this year’s event is expected to surpass that of last year.

This three day event for families will include development activities, information and support designed to engage men and women in making informed career decisions as well as opportunities in employment and education. From resume’ writing to employment opportunities to your education needs, Work ~n~ Progress will create a distinctive experience for the attendees and their families, giving them the kind of practical information they can act on immediately to begin or continue to develop their professional lives.

Work ~n~ Progress will have something for everyone. The atmosphere will be fun, educational and motivational. The goal is to get information into the hands of everyone who has a role in shaping decisions regarding career, primary and continuing education and workforce development.
Through extensive research, the Block Party for Peace team has come to understand the issues facing our communities today. Most crimes are committed with the intent of some form of economic gain, i.e. illegal drug sales, burglary, etc. With this in mind, we have decided to take an approach that cuts to the core of crime and violence in our city through job creation, workforce development, quality education and healthy living. In improving one's quality of life, we believe that we will decrease the desire for one to commit crime.

Our Values - the beliefs we hold as important that guide our actions.
  • Compassion - caring for others with patience, kindness, and understanding.
  • Quality - committing to excellence to be the very best in all we do.
  • Passion - providing care and service to all with whom we come in contact.
  • Accountability - taking ownership to achieve desired results.
  • Diversity - striving to create collaboration, cooperation, and productivity by appreciating unique skills and abilities, and treating others with respect.
  • Integrity - adhering to moral and ethical principles, soundness of character, honesty, and fairness.
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